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Why choose First Online?
We are a MSC certified Malaysian based Web Design company providing small to medium sized businesses with a full range of Web Design Services. These include professional customized website designs as well as open source WordPress web design services. All our websites are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly. As an entrepreneur, allow us to handle your website requirements and free your time to focus on building your businesses. A professionally designed website will project a good first impression to your potential clients which will assist in converting such potential clients into customers.

Why mobile friendly websites?

As of 21 April 2015, non-mobile responsive websites will be ranked last by search engines. This is part of Google’s policy to reward websites that are mobile responsive.

All websites designed by First Online are fully responsive and accessible anytime, anywhere, across multiple “smart“devices like smartphones, tablets and others.

What types of client’s are suitable for us?
Our clients range from start-up businesses to large organizations throughout Malaysia, Singapore as well as international. Whatever your business size is, we have a solution that will meet your requirements. Our costs are extremely competitive as well as keeping to our standards of the highest quality.

Our experienced, highly skilled and dedicated development and technical teams are guided by our mission to provide the highest quality products and services with excellent technical support to all our customers, no matter the size of the business. All our customers are extremely important to us. Talk to us today for the ideal solution for your business.
How to choose between a Customised website and a WordPress website?
Whether you choose a customise designed website or template based WordPress software to build your website will depend principally on your budget. Typically, customise designed websites cost about 3 times more than a template based WordPress website.
The differences in costs are due to a number of factors. Customise designed websites give full flexibility on how your website looks like, that is the “look & feel” factor. The design and development can accommodate all the website requirements as to the features, corporate colour scheme, backend Content Management modules as well as other necessary attributes. The WordPress website, on the other hand, is template based where the structure of the website is designed based on a fixed template structure with pre-built features. The design and development is set by the templates with very little flexibility to modify. With WordPress websites, design flexibility is sacrificed for the savings in development time and costs.
Whatever the choice, please be assured of our highest level of service from the initial discussions to the completion of the project as well as the technical support services from our team of experienced professionals.

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